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HGF Lendon Youth Festival 2017


Another great year for the LYDF Midwest at Hampton Green Farm. At the end of June, we held our annual youth festival--our favorite event of the summer (if not the whole year!). As in all prior years, the Festival begins with a 2 day clinic for riders under 21 who have met the criteria for the newly named TEAM (Training, Education and Mentoring) program, provided by Dressage4Kids and Lendon Gray. These riders were trained in a clinic format by Lendon, and provided seminars with Dr. Jeff Bunn of Equine Medical, on how to handle equine emergencies ...More

Registration Now Open for 2017 Lendon Youth Dressage Festival Midwest at Hampton Green, featuring Daniel Martin Dockx and Nicholas Hanson ...


Registration is now open for the 2017 LYDF Midwest, and like in previous years, is bringing top international dressage ...More

Grandioso Stallion Services ...


Hampton Green Farm's Grandioso is one of the most successful and celebrated PRE sporthorses in history, and is now ...More

HGF Horses at Adequan Global Dressage Festival 2017 ...


Hampton Green Farm competed five horses over the course of the 12 weeks of the 2017 Adequan Global Dressage Festival, in ...More

Grandioso III Formally Retired in Spain and US ...


One of the dressage world's most beloved PREs was retired in grand style, in the two countries that claim a part of him ...More



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Latitudes and Longitudes


26.6550* N, 80.2542*- Unless you’re a pilot or a ship captain these numbers probably don’t mean much, but thanks to Google I learned they are the latitude and longitudes of ...More