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HGF US-Bred PREs Take Silver and Bronze at SICAB, World Championship of PRE Horses


Two of Hampton Green Farm's Michigan-bred young horses took home medals from SICAB 2018--the World Championship of PRE Horses--from the Finals of the Copa ANCCE. Competing against the highest ranking PRE horses in the country of Spain following a year of qualification, Mejorano HGF attained a Silver Medal and Campanero HGF the Bronze in the 7 Year Old and 5 Year Old Divisions respectively. Both horses represent the bloodlines that characterize the output of HGF, primarily  the lines of Olympic stallion Grandioso III from Yeguada Marin ...More

Two Hampton Green Horses in the Top Four in 2018 Brentina's Cup ...


Following a season in Europe, HGF U25 rider Kerrigan Gluch put two HGF PREs in the top 4 places in the USEF Brentina Cup ...More

From Michigan to the World Stage: HGF Horses in FEI Championships Summer 2018 ...


Two Michigan-bred PRE horses from Hampton Green Farm will represent the USA and Spain this summer in FEI Championship ...More

Lendon Youth Dressage Festival Midwest 2018 Highlights Our Graduates ...


The 2018 version of Hampton Green Farm's annual Lendon Youth Dressage Festival was another wonderful experience for ...More

HGF Riders Move Horses to New Levels with Success in Winter 2018 Season ...


The Wellington Season with its 8 CDIs and 13 national shows provided lots of opportunities for Hampton Green Farm to ...More



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Latitudes and Longitudes


26.6550* N, 80.2542*- Unless you’re a pilot or a ship captain these numbers probably don’t mean much, but thanks to Google I learned they are the latitude and longitudes of ...More