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Spring Schedule 2014


It’s the middle of April, a time of transition at Hampton Green Farm. The Wellington season is over, with satisfying results for both of our working students, Kerrigan Gluch and Rachel Chowanec. With their competitive scores in the CDIs this winter, both young women are hoping for an invitation to the Festival of Champions at Gladstone in June, and for Kerrigan, a spot on the Region 2 Team for the North American Junior Young Rider Championships in Kentucky in July. The Michigan farm is finally thawed out after one of the harshest winters on ...More

News from Wellington and Spain, February 2014 ...


The Wellington show season is in full swing. Lendon Gray and her Winter Intensive Training students (WITees as they are ...More

Vaquero HGF: First American-Bred Horse to Medal at SICAB ...


Vaquero HGF: First American-Bred Horse to Medal at SICAB Throughout the year, the PREs of Spain compete in rated ...More

Fall News 2013 ...


Winter is not far away in Michigan, and the staff is busy closing up the farm for the cold weather. In 2013, our mares ...More

National Championship Season Starts Now ...


Don’t miss these 3 exciting competitions:   September 26-28 National Championships of Spain for Dressage. ...More


USPRE Represents the PRE Breed at Equine Affaire

Communications Director Ricardo Nigaglioni reports that it was a great experience for USPRE to be present at the Equine Affaire Expo. USPRE had a ...


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Latitudes and Longitudes


26.6550* N, 80.2542*- Unless you’re a pilot or a ship captain these numbers probably don’t mean much, but thanks to Google I learned they are the latitude and longitudes of ...More