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Courtney King-Dye Rides HGF Stallion Camaron in the 8th Annual Challenge of the Americas

Courtney King-Dye Rides HGF Stallion Camaron in the 8th Annual Challenge of the Americas


This past month at the International Polo Club in Wellington, FL was held the 8th Annual Challenge of the Americas Event for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. This event has come to be known as a sparkling evening of Quadrilles and Pas de Deux performances featuring popular music and team riders from the US and other countries.

This year's competition featured a US Team and an International Team, riding to musical features specially compiled and choreographed for them by the industry's best freestyle designers. Several "warm-up" acts preceded the competition, including a Dressage vs. Western freestyle, and a freestyle by Uncle Sam!

2008 Olympians Courtney King-Dye and Ashley Holzer performed a tribute to the riders of the Hong Kong Olympics. As Pop Art, Ashley's Olympic mount, was in training for the upcoming World Cup qualifier, and Courtney's Olympic ride, Mythilus, was still getting back into shape from a short time off, both women were invited to select another horse on which to perform their Pas de Deux. Courtney's selection was HGF's 1995 foundation stallion, Camaron IX, competed this year by Ana Gilmour. Camaron was all business the night of his big ride under the lights, and although he wasn't sure he liked riding croup to croup with another horse, he did so because he knew his job and, chivalrous guy that he is, nothing was too much to ask in the name of a cause that helped women.

Courtney said she had to keep from laughing all throughout the ride because he was so much fun. Unfazed by the flashing lights and the roaring crowd, Camaron put his whole heart into every formation--especially the big ending when both horses, side by side in an extended trot, came close enough to allow their riders to "High Five" down the center line!

Camaron is the sire of a number of competitive and award-winning offspring, including Diaz HGF owned by Kelly Farmer, Destinado owned by Pam Geniac, Carmen HGF owned by Richard and Melanie James, and Bocelli owned by Jill Lane.
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