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End of Summer News at Hampton Green Farm

End of Summer News at Hampton Green Farm



Courtney Clinic
Join us for the upcoming one-day Courtney King-Dye clinic, to be held in Fruitport, Michigan on August 25, from 8 am to 4 pm. Auditors welcome. Cost is $35.00, including lunch. Please call Joan at 231-865-6000 to reserve your spot.


Congratulations to Ana Gilmour for her completion of the USDF Trainer's Certification Program . This program entails several workshops and seminars around the country, and a weekend of examinations in riding, teaching, longeing, and training by some of our country's best judges. Ana passed her examination in July with flying colors. . .more on Ana Gilmour's plans for the Wellington season in an upcoming article.


Congratulations to Rachel and Embrujado!

They were first with a 72% in a large Second Level class at Lendon's Youth Dressage Festival in Saugerties, NY, and finished Fourth overall in their category.


Lendon Clinic
Mark your calendar for our upcoming 3-day Lendon Gray clinic, September 2-4. Auditors are welcome. No auditing fee and no lunch. We have a few riding spots open, please contact Joan at 231-865-6000 if you are interested.


USPRE High Point Awards
USPRE is sponsoring High Point Dressage Challenges at two major North East Shows this fall--The Fall Festival at NEDA and Dressage at Devon. If you plan to compete your PRE horse, or are interested in more information, contact us at 231-865-6000. Come see how much fun the PRE Dressage High Point Challenge can be.


Dressage at Devon

HGF is pleased to sponsor again this year the Dressage with the Experts program at Dressage at Devon. We will be there in person, competing several of our young horses in the Breed Show from Tuesday through Thursday. Additionally, USPRE is sponsoring the PRE Breed class on Thursday. Come and bring your best examples of our marvelous breed!


HGF Employment and Working Student Opportunities

    Be a part of the team. We are looking for qualified applicants for a few positions this fall and winter. Please contact the office at 231-865-6000 for more information.

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