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Hampton Green Farm in the News

Hampton Green Farm in the News


 We've been making the news recently. Some highlights of our recent press coverage...

Robert Dover on Dover' "I am so excited to have a young horse again after so many years, and HGF Fiero has been a total pleasure to deal with...The other day as I led him into his stall, he began to passage down the aisle-way and when I held him back he produced what I know will be a perfect, classical piaffe.  You have to love that!"

Courtney King Dye on "He's in his prime now, and she can't just wait around for me to get better or ask someone else top to ride him, and give him back to me if I'm better right before the Olympic qualifications. I agree that just wouldn't be fair. But he'll come to me right after, and I have plenty of her young horses getting ready for me!”  



Kim Boyer on "My opinion has always been that Spain is full of good horses, and yet so few make it into the hands of top riders who can compete them at top levels. Why is this and why has the world-class success of a few not brought the same opportunities to so many others? The full answer to this is complicated and a topic for another day, but the conundrum is best illustrated at SICAB."


Video Interview about the HGF horses in Spain, Katharina Braren, TopIberian .







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