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HGF Lendon Youth Festival 2017

HGF Lendon Youth Festival 2017


Another great year for the LYDF Midwest at Hampton Green Farm. At the end of June, we held our annual youth festival--our favorite event of the summer (if not the whole year!). As in all prior years, the Festival begins with a 2 day clinic for riders under 21 who have met the criteria for the newly named TEAM (Training, Education and Mentoring) program, provided by Dressage4Kids and Lendon Gray. These riders were trained in a clinic format by Lendon, and provided seminars with Dr. Jeff Bunn of Equine Medical, on how to handle equine emergencies, Kylie Heitmann on testing supplements for effectiveness, and a Master Class by two-time Spanish Olympian Jose Daniel Martin Dockx.

All TEAM riders then joined a large group of local children who competed in the Lendon Youth Festival show on Sunday. This competition consists of 3 divisions--a written test, a ridden dressage test, and an equitation class. Lots of food and fun for all the families who came out. Great rides and super young people!

Our thanks to all who helped out--riders, trainers, judges, grooms, parents, sponsors, staff, and volunteers! Enjoy this video, made by Lily Forado, about the event!

Full Results:

Lendon Youth Festival Midwest 2017 AWARD WINNERS

High Point Champion   Sophia Schults

High Point Written  Annie Klepper

High Point Dressage  Maya Ilada

High Point Equitation   Sophia Schults

High Point Walk Trot  Maya Illada

High Point Training  Justine Boyer

High Point First   Nicole Pelfresne

Level High Point FEI Sophia Schultz

Turnout Award  Nicole Pelfresne

Most Valuable Volunteer  Kate Esterline

Youngest Rider Award Cedeye Nass

Young Horse Started By Rider  Nicole Pelfresne

Highest Scoring PRE    Sophia Schults 


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