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Year End National Rankings and Awards

Year End National Rankings and Awards


The PREs of HGF finished the 2009 season with high rankings in both the USDF Horse of the Year Awards as well as the USDF/USPRE All Breeds Awards.


USDF Horse of the Year (Open Competition) Grandioso and Idilio finished in the top 20 Nationally at Prix St. George:

(ridden by Courtney King-Dye) 14th 68.684 Median Score

(ridden by Maria Lithander) 19th 68.421 Median Score

Grandioso finished 11th Nationally
at Intermediare 1 68.947 Median Score

Camaron (ridden by Ana Gilmour)
finished the year
ranked #38th at Third Level 66.410 Median Score



USDF All Breeds Program for USPRE (PREs)


Training Level Adelante
(ridden by Maria Lithander) #1 70.435 Median Score

(ridden by Ana Gilmour and Maria Lithander) #2 68.672 Median Score

        Third Level       Camaron    #1    
  Prix St. George       Grandioso #1    

Idilio #2    
  Intermediare 1        Grandioso #1    


Congratulations to HGF riders Courtney, Maria and Ana for this national recognition.

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